The smarter I get, the Less I know

Wipe the Slate Clean

To forgive means to discharge a debt that is owed. You let it go. Wipe the slate clean.  If I never charge you with a debt,  I never have to forgive you, because you owe me nothing.

On a higher plane, do we owe god anything at all? Here is a being that supposedly ‘Made” everything. He owns it all already. Further he made the rules on how things should work. If I can break a rule, then there is a rule that says I can break a rule. If I can sin, then i was meant to sin. Can anyone realy  pull a fast one on god? Has god ever had the ‘Wool pulled down over his eyes’.

And what of this judeo christian god? Is he constantly keeping track of how bad we are, and at the judgment day, we will be required to pay.  Good thing jesus came along and paid the debt for us?  But then was the debt realy owed in the first place?

Human beings will believe just about anything at all. We have incredible ability to create. Further we have a stubborn ability to refuse to admit we are wrong. So how does anyone find out the truth these days? I have to think about my thinking, then think about what I thought about, then think about that. Each time round, I ask questions. Each round of questions leads to more facts, and more questions.

How do I know I’m not fuly delusional. , and  Everything I know is just a fantasy? Well If I keep asking questions, I’m sure I will get the answers I need.


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