The smarter I get, the Less I know

My Study on the Atheist

All ARE PART ATHEIST the theory

A Jihad Islamic terrorist goes up to a man of religion and asks if he believes in god. The man says yes I do. The terrorist hands him a bomb and tells him to go and blow himself up, in the name of god. The man refuses. The terrorist then says, ‘So you do not believe in God!!   The man replies, ” Oh yes, I believe in god, I just do not believe in Your God.”


The true atheist seems unable to hold even a simple concept of god. There is nothing in his head at all. Just blank space.  Where millions of others claim some sort of understanding, the atheist claims none.

It is possible that a true atheist is incapable of comprehending any concept of god at all, no matter how simple or inadequate. It may not be his fault, he may be born with neuron pathways that just will not let him visualize a useful concept for this thing that others call god.



Some atheists just choose to shut the door on the subject. Its easier, and less work. They run on faith alone. God does not exist. Why. Because I do not believe in god, that is why. End of story.

The faithful of religion also run on faith. God exists. Why. Because I believe. End of story. Both groups are similar. Both run on faith, and faith alone.


Some are survivors of religion. Recovering Catholics or Christians. They have spent years studying the dogma of the churches only to give up any hope of making sense of it. God does not exist. Why, because I can find not evidence to support it.


There is a group of people who call themselves atheist, who do nothing more than belittle people of faith . It seems  that to be atheist is a license or ticket to be cruel and mean. Its all justified. (but how an someone who has no understanding of the concept of god ever make an intelligent comment on the subject). These people baffle me the most.

The atheist , without  a viewpoint, is rather ill prepared to to enter in any serious debate. I often see this type get extremely mad, and use profanity as a substitute for reason. An atheist of this type is as difficult to reason with with as someone who has only dogma as evidence.


gestalt1Here is just another view on things. People tend to see what it is they already know. What do you see in the picture on the left?

1. two opposing faces

2.a wine glass

3.candlestick holder?

4. black and white splotches?

5. all of the above?

An atheist that is cruel and hateful, may just be a Victim of mental abuse. Many angry atheists do not see themselves as angry>Its usually the other guy who needs his head examined. The angry atheist sees himself as a victim

The  victim is angry that he/she was violated, or neglected. The Victim wants to fight the oppressor or cause of his malady.  I see a lot of hate in the atheists websites. They want to crush the religion that has oppressed them. Now I am not sure if the Abuse actually happened or was only imaginary, But the angry Atheist seems to believe it did.

I went to church, like most of the angry atheists did, until I was old enough to decide I did not want to go anymore. I have no agenda against religion. Not against Jesus or any other part of it.

I think that  A person like me who went through the same rituals, and dogma, does not hate religion or become an atheist, is because I’m by nature not as dependent on others for support. It  comes down to mental stability. 

‘you can teach a person all kinds of bullshit, but you can not force them to learn it”

I couldn’t understand even half of what was said in church. But. The people were nice and I had no place else to be. I did not become a robot or a slave to the dogma. So why are the atheists so mean and hateful? If they could take it or leave it, why did they just not Leave it? 

Millions of people live without God or Religion, but most people just leave it at that, Why attack the religion (especially Christian?)

I am beginning to suspect , that many Angry Atheists are victims of neglect and just plain old Adult/ Child relationship’s. Neglect is also abuse. If you fail to feed your child, and it dies, that is abuse (a crime of neglect). Children need more than physical food, they need spiritual food, the mind needs information. Dogma cuts off the supply, it is a supply of bread a water only.  It is perhaps what the angry atheists are complaining about.

But now the Angry atheist is claiming there is no God. In short he is also cutting off the supply of information. There is no god. End of story. We now have  Atheist Dogma to replace exploration and research. Further research is no longer necessary. All that is to be known about god has already been revealed. The angry atheist is running on faith at this point. He believes his own dogma to such an extent that he has closed his mind to new concepts.

When a person stops asking questions, the learning process stops. Dogma is the end of the road. No more questions, no more learning and no more growth. Once I have memorized all the dogma, then what? Can I question it? typically, No.  Not if you are religious. It was often thought that the Newton laws of Physics were absolute and final, (much as Dogma is thought of as absolute and final). Then along came Albert Einstein and showed that those  laws were pretty good , until you hit the speed of light, then they break down. Now what? Is Einsteins new theory now the new Dogma? Can it be questioned? Sooner or later someone is going to take it to the next level and Einsteins theories will all seem like Dogma.

 I love to learn new things, and there is always something to learn. When an atheist claims flat out that god does not exist, the atheist has in fact made a Dogmatic statement. In effect the atheist is as religious or dogmatic as the religion that he is trying to destroy. baffling? You bet. This is why I find the Atheist such an interesting psychological Study.

Some claim that god is nature itself, and that we are all part of this god. A most believable theory, but the atheist insists that god is all about sky fairies and pixie’s, and therefore does not exist. Where does he get this information, and why has he not updated it? Perhaps the angry atheist has never learned how to learn, perhaps he is in fact a victim of the crime of neglect. No one ever showed him  how to think. 

If the Child  asks a question and expects and answer from an authority figure,  who  has not learned anything new in years,  the child will only receive some stagnant information, much like Newtons Laws of physics

 Nothing new. No advances. Just the same old same old.



The idea or concept of God exists in the hearts and minds of people who claim to know god. It is obvious that not everyone has the same concept or idea. Christians and religions are not the sole holders of the concept.

The understanding of this word, is individual and personal. It is in print around the globe. Just check out the USA money supply.” In god we trust”. Which god? The one of the terrorists or the one of the southern baptists, or the one of a rational thinker, or that of a 5 year old child who imagines a kind old man who sits on a throne in heaven.

God can most likely one day be measured in a scientific and rational way, and mathematical units of measure will be able to explain the behavior of all that exists. But I do not think we are there yet. How can a new born baby understand mathematical concepts and philosophical ideas, when all it really wants to do is be warm and get fed?


Many came to an understanding of god through reading the bible, or some other written work. But strange as it seems, people on the other side of the globe, also have concepts of god, but have never read the bible, or any other book for that matter.

Some atheists are good with literature. They have taken apart the bible and found it to be less than perfect. I find that these are the atheists that are gifted with a sense of logic and proportion,

Yet who told the atheist that the bible was the word of god? And why did they pick the bible up in the first place? They seem out to do nothing more than look for evidence to prove their original claim that god does not exist. No attempt is made to find any supporting evidence. Their only goal, it seems is to be right in their assertions.


What if god was just a figment of peoples imagination?  That imagination has significant power.

Look at all the churches built, wars fought, and lives shaped by something that does not exist in any  sense. What is it that shaped theses lives. Many give it the label god.

There is something that exists in the minds of individuals. This something has motivated countless persons across the span of time. Many call this motivation the will of god. Even if this motivation was only an imaginary god, created by the individual, it still has amazing power.


How about the ontological argument. I can barley spell it let alone pronounce it.


God for some is like the joker in a pack of cards, it can mean anything. With a full pack of jokers you can win any game. However, this only works when both people agree on what the cards mean.

Some atheists may also be using the same deck of cards.  Imagine the game when both atheist and religious are playing a card game and  all the cards are jokers? It can be tragically hilarious. No one will admit to being the looser.

There is a saying that I like. “there are two ways of looking at things, My way, and then there is the Wrong way”.

No one likes to admit they are wrong.



Words are not static, they change their meanings over time. Over time  individuals come to a new awareness of the world and their place in it. And the meaning they put to words will change. The word ‘GOD’ may just have run it’s course, and, is now a word that no longer has a place in the vocabulary of today.

It would be nice if two people in a conversation were both using the same set of meanings, but this is not always the case.


The key to understanding other people to broaden ones own database. To constantly search out new meanings and concepts. Everyone has a view point. Just because I do not understand the other person, does not make them wrong.

As I study the atheist, I can see parallels to my own thinking. I learn from this.


Yes even the concept of god can have a broader meaning than that of a bunch of sheep herders who lived thousands of years ago.

I like this persons understanding of god. He says: “God is absolute reality, and the whole is but a sum of its parts. Reality  is made up of many individual things. These things can be named: for example, Gravity, Light, Water, Imagination, Religion, Atheism.”  What other words could you use to describe reality? No one word will describe the whole thing

In short anyone can have his own personal definition of god.  No one is bound to believe anything at all.

God can mean rockets and math and planes and trains, to some people. To limit oneself to sheep and obedience to law or dogma, seems to be a waste of a good healthy mind.


But to just make a statement of blind faith and claim ‘god does not exist’ would be  t0 admit that I do not like to learn new things. It would   mean that I  can not find deeper meaning in the human heart.

If you threw away all the major religions you would still have some sort of god. Even if you could erase all the literature from the face of the planet, you would still have someone claim some sort of god.

Rather than just slam the door shut on it, I chose to accept the fact that when people use the word “god”,  they are referring to something.  Trying to put a meaning to this word helps me to communicate with my fellow man. This world is fucked up enough without people  telling me that my thoughts do not exist.


Psychology is the study of how people think. Theology is the study of how people think about god, or how people do not think about god. . A student is one  who admits they do not know anything at all and is therefore  is motivated to learn. A true theologist will study All viewpoints of god, and will  include all viewpoints in his search, excluding none.  The true theologist is not trying to prove anything, he is only on a road of discovery.

Some atheists seem to worship science. Science is their god. But it is not the god of the bible, but still a god.


Organized religions also claim to be theologists, but in essence they are not. They will search out meanings for god, but will limit their search to a more narrow view. They are more interested in finding evidence to support their own faith,  not the faith of  other people. Their view is already established, so I would call them Dogma-tologists, rather than true theologists.

Some atheists have amazing powers of thought. When they see that the theology of the faithful believers is a room with no windows and no exits, they walk away, closing the door behind them. No one taught them that in matters of spirituality and god, there can be no final word. But then, they are not motivated to learn either. God does not exist. No further thought is necessary.


Some atheists will pour forth evidence that god does not exist by their careful analysis of the bible version of god. Since the atheist claims that god does not exist, why does he spend so much time reading about god? Why does he need all this evidence. If god does not exist, the atheist would not even have the thought in his head. His head would be clear and free from all ideas of god, but yet there he is talking about what does not exist.

Would a person spend so many hours talking about the contents inside an empty room, if they thought the room was empty? The fact is that no room is empty. It contains air, gravity, radio waves, and things that I can’t even imagine.

The following passages would be enough to convince the atheist that the bible is all contradictory, and full of lies

Judges 13:22 “We are doomed to die!” he said to his wife. “We have seen God!”

Genesis 16:13 She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”

John 1:18 No one has ever seen God, but God the One and Only, who is at the Father’s side, has made him known.

1 John 4:12 No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.

The above passages seem to contradict each other. The religious theologist will try and connect them and prove that they are saying the same thing, because  dogma tells them  that the bible is the word of god without error. It is easy to see how some atheists will reject religion that is based on the Bible..

But , if  I think out side of the box, the above passages  are really only the personal views of the individual writers. What is clear to me is that different people can and do have different viewpoints on a subject. Also  individuals can have conflicting viewpoints on a single subject.

The bible if full of different stories written by different authors. Each author states his own personal viewpoint. These view points sometimes clash. But that is not evidence to prove that god does not exist. It only proves that different people will have different ideas about what god is.


When people speak of God, they are referring to something. What precisely is it that they mean? This ‘Something’ may be real or imagined. In any case  this ‘Something’, exists, even thou it may only be an idea in someones head and limited to the space between someones ears.

A concise dictionary definition of god seems impossible,  this is because different people have a different understandings of the word. Understanding other people is increased if I make a serious attempt to understand what it is when they use words, such as god.

To believe that god does not exist, is like saying the world is flat. Nothing exists past the edge of the world.  Our faith  is our  proof that the world is flat. Proof being sufficient evidence to convince, we ourselves  are convinced. Yet when someone claims to have traveled past this predicted edge of the world and found out that it indeed the edge of the world does not exist, that the world is round instead, there we cut him short, insisting  that there is nothing more past the edge of the world (as we understand it).

Eventually it is accepted that the world is indeed round, but it is the center of the universe. Here we go again. The next guy comes along and invents a telescope, and proves that world in not the center of the universe. After 150 years it is accepted that indeed the world is not the center of the universe, But there is not god. etc etc etc.

Human beings generally have no clue as to how irrational they are.  Why not just admit you do not know very much at all, and take it from there?  At what point does the child finally grow up and  know it all. At what point does the atheist know it all. At what point does anyone have enough evidence to be able to prove anything at all, with absolute certainty.

The religious and the atheist both run on faith much of the time


The atheist claims  god does not exist, the religious claims god does exist. Be specific. Who’s idea does not exist, and since a person has an idea, does not that idea exist? Of course it does. Open mindedness can be a great asset here. The smarter I get, the less I know. But for some, the Less they know, the smarter they get. Generalization means that one has a blanket theory for everything . The bible is crap, therefore, in general, all ideas of god are crap.

A lack of understanding does not make one smart, or wise. And, too much understanding is probably not possible. I claim curiosity. What is it that the organized religions are trying to say, and what is it that the atheist is trying to say.


True  Theology is not for the lazy. It is not for the religious. It is not for the stubborn and  not for the atheist. It requires thought and patience. It requires that one be willing to understand their fellow man, no matter how deranged he seems to be.

The human being has this amazing ability to think, and then think about their thinking. But most of all we have an incredible ability to imagine, create and fantasize about just about anything at all, including god, or the lack thereof, and we have a stubbornness to believe our ideas to be the rock solid truth.

Until one thinks about what he has thought about, how can he ever find out what is real or not. Many  Atheists have no opinion of god, this is because they  have not put much thought at all into what god really is. It is just a statement of faith.  Much as the religious make a statement of faith that god exists, the atheist will make a statement of faith that god does not exist.

So what qualifies this person him to around preaching that there is no god? He is much like the men of old who claimed the world was flat. The religiously faithful suffer the same problem, with the blinders placed on them by their dogma, they to can only see what they are instructed to see


An atheist and a theologist go together to investigate a door that is marked with letters ‘GOD’. The atheist opens the door and walks into  a room without windows. He concludes that the room  is empty, and no material objects exist in the room, nothing at all, just an empty closed  off room. So he shuts the door, and goes away convinced that the door marked with the letters  ‘GOD’ leads to an empty room.  He has no reason to ever go back.

Now,  the theologist opens up the same door. He makes the same in initial  observation as the atheist, the room is an empty windowless room, void of all material objects.

Now, the theologist has a small  “Am/Fm”  radio in his pocket, he takes it out and turns it on, and he finds a radio station. He concludes that although the room is void of any visible material objects, there must be radio waves present in the room.

Also he concludes that since he can hear the speaker, the room must also contain air for the sound waves to travel in. Also he confirms that there is air in the room by the fact that he is also breathing the air.

He then drops a coin and the coin falls to the floor. He concludes by this that there must also be the force of gravity present in the room,  evidence supported by the fact that the coin  did in fact drop to the floor.

The theologist by nature is inquisitive. He will ask one question after another. He asks himself  how is it that  he saw that the room was void of objects, if there were no windows in the room to let light in, and concludes that the light from the open door was also present in the room. If he shut the door then the light would not be present in the room.

Both the atheist and the theologist made discoveries. The only difference is that the theologists made ‘MORE” discoveries than did the atheist. The theologist arrived at a more thorough and complete understanding of what was behind the door that was marked “GOD”. The atheist just closed the door and walked away, convinced that he had seen it all and knew it all. The theologist, however will not stop asking questions.

The atheist claims, ‘I have seen it all,”

The theologist asks, “Is there nothing more?”

note:  atheism is  either a belief that god does not exist or a lack of belief that god does exist. psychology is basically the study of how human beings think, theology is specifically the  psychological study of how human beings either think or do not think about  the concept of  ‘god’

What is my parable about?

A Theologist is a Psychologist who’s focus is on how human beings think, or do not think about the concept that is called “God’. A theologist is typically not a Theist., and is not obligated to believe anything at all.

(Do not confuse religious theology with True Theology. The religious theologist will often limit his study to the Dogma of the particular faith. A true theologist has no faith to defend. It is pure research. His goal it to understand All aspects of the human mind as relating to the idea of god)

The true theologist accepts as fact, that many people have beliefs, and thoughts (cognition’s), that they understand to be of god. Theology is simply a study of this ‘something’, that people call god. Anyone can be a theologist.. It is simply a question, “what is god’. To a theologist, the religious fanatic with his head full of god, is just as interesting, as an atheist who claims to have no thoughts whatsoever about god.

A thought is real in that it exists in your mind. Thoughts can be seen as personal reality. It is in this personal reality, that the theologist looks for god. Thoughts influence what people do. The physical brain controls the physical body: the thoughts control the physical brain. (some claim that the Spirit controls the thoughts). The theologist is not to worried about the ontological arguments, for example, height, width, length, mass. He is concerned with the things that normal science cannot see. No one can see thought, but it exists. No machine can tell if a person is thinking about a god or a dog.

Many people claim to receive instructions from ‘god’. Sometimes it is a good positive message and sometimes it is totally negative and destructive. The suicide bombers in Iraq, are a good example of people who cause great harm to themselves and others, because they listen to instructions that they perceive came from god. Yet others will do great works of good to Humanity because God told them to be kind and good.

A true theologist is asking, ‘If god drives these people to do these things, then “””what is god”””.


My Parable Explained

In the simple little parable, the room with the door marked ‘God’ , and the radio, represent different aspects of the human mind.

The room with no windows, is a closed mind, or a person trapped behind walls of ignorance, or even fear, or culture. Many people are cut off from outside reality, and live in a world of self delusion.

The radio represents the process of learning, or how people get their information. The radio receives information from outside sources. Some theists believe that messages come from god. But where did the signal originate, and who sent the signal? What did the message say? Is there more than one channel? Which channel does the person tune into?

Does knowledge originate from within the mind, did he create or imagine the message himself, or did it have a point of origin outside of the mind? Many things we learn were taught us by others. Where did those others get their information from?

In the case of a suicide bomber who is listening to a message telling him to blow himself up in a crowded market. What could change his mind? Is it just a matter of changing the channel? Change your mind, you change your life. Can human depression be simply tuned out? It is also true that without a broadcast signal , the radio still makes noise, due to the fact the the transistors and circuitry produce noise. Is the person just gone nuts because of all the noise in his head?

The coin represents the element of uncertainty. It is true that once the coin was dropped, gravity would pull it to the floor. However, no one could predict if the coin would land face up, or face down. There was a 50/50 chance that it could have gone either way. In terms of certainty, a person could be either right or wrong about an issue. Some stubborn persons will never admit to being wrong about anything.

The world of the human mind can be quite ‘whacked out’ some of the time. Thoughts can not be seen or measured by empirical science .

The atheist in our parable, had no interest at all in these matters. To him ‘god does not exist’ therefor all problems are solved, except for the one small problem: the suicide bomber is still listening to messages from god to go and blow himself up.

 There is no scientific equipment that will confirm whether a person is thinking about a GOD, or a DOG. The bottom line is this. If a person says they believe in god, or the devil, or spaceships from mars, or any other crazy thing, then he does, even thou those things may not exist in the real world.

So how do we help the believers find reality? You have to lead them to it. But you can’t show them the way if you have not found it yourself. The blind cannot lead the blind. The delusional can not help the delusional out of his fantasy. Sometimes entire populations live in a sort of Mass fantasy. Nazi Germany and the Master Race comes to mind.

Some atheist seem to think that everyone is just going to snap back to reality. All they have to do is say the magic words: “God does not Exist”, and everything will be fine. In effect, “the less you know the smarter you are” seems to be the motto.

The theologist has a different approach. The smarter he gets, the less (he realizes) he knows. Theology is not for lazy people. Have you ever seen an atheist study a 5 year program at university for something that does not exist? Yet there are 5 year programs at university for things that do not exist.


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