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Terrorist Win 1

Another True Patriot 1

Market Freedom 2

Socialism 3

War On Drugs 3


Serious Humor. What is that? 6

Sex 6

Little boy goes up to a little girl and says. 7

The Fairy God Banker 7

Traffic Lights 8

Nothing 8

Terrorist Win

Dec 16 2008

How to strike a Lethal blow to the American Infidels… Hit them in the pocket book… Money.. The American financial crisis, is evidence enough that the terrorists are winning. While the USA is chasing after a few rock throwing warriors over in ‘who knows where’ the homeland  lies in ruin. No money to save them.

People are forced out of their homes due to lack of money, Money that is going over seas.  The USA spends 58% of their budget on war. Don’t you think the Terrorists know that. Lets stress the American out to the max. The US do war very well and war costs money. Terrorists don’t care about money. Just how much Money have the terrorists invested in this war, compared to the US? Pennies to the Dollar.

When they finally catch ‘Bin Laden’,  the next terrorist guy will appear and give the US another kick in the shin. Then off they go again on another crusade.

Can you fight a faith war with guns?  The weapons of mass destruction that started the invasion of Iraq did exist, but only in the mind of president BUSH, and his staff. He sent the largest military in the world to defeat something that only he believed in.

Are Guns the weapons to defeat beliefs? I don’t think so. Education would go a long way, but the US spends 6 times more on the prison system than they do on their own education, and 60 times more on weapons than they do on their own welfare.

Terrorist are not that stupid. They know the chain will always break at its weakest link, and that is .. for the average American..MONEY

I could be wrong, but this is my my opinion.

Another True Patriot

You get to work and find the doors locked. The boss tells you that he can not pay you because he can’t get a short term loan due to the credit crisis. He says its because of Market De Regulation, and tells you to call up your local politician and take the matter up with him.

The local politician tells you that Market Regulation in a Free Market economy is Socialist and Un-Patriotic. He hands you a Flag and sends you on your way.

You get home and find that your house is on fire. You call the local Fire Department to come a put out the fire. The Fire chief asks you if you have Insurance. You say no, because you lost your job and could not afford to pay the premium. The fire chief tells you “sorry, but paying customers only”. “No Free Rides”. He reminds you that this is a free market country and not a socialist country. A government funded Fire Department would be socialist and Un-Patriotic. So as a proud Patriot you salute your flag and go off to sleep in your car.

You get to your car but car thieves have it up on blocks and are stripping it for parts. You call the local Police Department and ask them to come quick. You tell them you have no Police Insurance. They say that is alright, they will just charge your credit card. You tell them you have no credit because of the credit crisis. They say “Sorry, this is not a socialist welfare state, every one here has to pull his weight. What kind of Patriot are you anyways?”. So you salute your flag and go and sleep in a field.

It rains that night and you get pneumonia. Now you go to the hospital and ask for some care. You tell the doctors that you have no insurance, no credit and no money. You ask if they could just treat you for free just this once. You tell them that it is the Humanitarian thing to do, you try to make them understand that you have just fallen on hard times. They look at you as just another Socialist Communist who wants a free ride at the expense of their hard work. They remind you that in this country hard work gets rewarded, and those who don’t work should not get anything.

So out on the street again, you still have your flag. You lay down and cover yourself with your flag. And just as you die, you pull the flag up over your head. The proud death of another True Patriot.

Market Freedom

Imagine a Highway system with no rules, no speed limits, and no traffic lights. Just do as you please. Drive on any side of the road you want to and go as fast as you want to. Imagine still further no licensing requirements, any 10 year old can drive a car, the only requirement  if he is big enough to reach the pedals. No rules, no controls, just Freedom of the road for everyone.

Well much like the Market today, the results of no regulation would be some spectacular crashes. The markets need some basic form of regulation. Regulation does not dictate which car you can drive, or where you can drive to. You are still free to go where you please, but in a more responsible and safe manner. Imagine doing 80 in a school zone? Sure you would get home from work a lot sooner, but how many kids would you hit on the way?

Market regulation just means that the guy who is getting too greedy and is a bout to crash the system would be urged to slow down bit, and those who need a jump start would get a little push. The “Fed” already does regulate Interest rates, but if that were enough we would not be in the position today.

People need to feel safe, I need to feel safe. Regulation gives us some security. The fear is that if there is any regulation at all, our freedom is being threatened. Not true. If we were really free, then we would not have a legal drinking age, you could have sex with any minor, you could do what the hell you wanted, because you were FREE.

What we have is Liberty, and that requires some responsibility, and that means some of us have to grow up and that means thinking about the other guy.

‘You can’t fix a problem with the same thinking that caused the problem in the first place’ unknown quote

‘None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free’ Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe.


Oct 28 2008 by Paul8bee

Freedom means that you can go and do as you please. You are free from restraint. The idea is that nothing can interfere with your desires. You are not regulated in any way. You are king of the road.

This works well when there is a lot of room. No obstructions. No obstacles, and most of all no people to get in your way.  But when the population of a country grows, freedom gets a little harder to find. This is because people tend to use up Free Space. The new world is now criss -crossed with fences and walls and locks and doors and boundaries The open road has now become a city street. Do not park, Do not walk on grass, No smoking, No loitering, No exit ….. etc.. etc..etc. And now you have to watch out for others that you do not cross some invisible boundary. You want to be free, but there are too many others on the road. What to do?

The only thing you can do is understand that no one has ever been truly free. Freedom is an Ideal that dreamers cling to. You are free to put your hand into a bee’s nest, but the bee’s might not like it and sting you. You are free to step on the other guys toes, but he might not like it either, and give you a poke in the nose. So now covered in bee stings and with a broken nose, are you really free?  Or do you just have liberty. You have the right to do as you please until it offends some other person.

Now there are thousands of laws that tell us what we can’t do. Are these laws necessary? Anything that restricts my freedom is headed toward the ideal of socialism. If we actually had a free society there would be no laws, but it seems that a Totally Free society would mean Total Chaos, because everyone would be walking over everyone else, and only the strong would have a chance. To to maintain some sense of order, and protect the weak, Freedom must be restricted. So like it or not most civilized countries have socialism. And yes O>M>G, even in the USA.

War On Drugs

The USA  with only 4% of the worlds population has 25% of the worlds Prison population. America, the land of the penal institution, the home of the convict.

Of the over 2 million people in jail half are not violent offenders.

About 1/4 are just drug related. “253,300 drug offenders “

For a crime to have been committed there must be a victim. Some one must have been hurt, property or person must have been violated,

But in the case of the average “Pot Smoker”, there are no victims.

If no one was hurt .. where is the crime.  Why are these people in jail? Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Many spend time in jail for crimes that do not exist. I just watched a Movie on TV about Hurricane Carter. This was a man who spent 22 years in Prison for a crime he did not commit. Some say he did. But in the end, I accept the fact that many are in prison for no good reason. Why was he in jail? Was it because of the corruption of the American system? Or was it because he was not free to start with. Minorities crowd the jail.

Most inmates are  are minorities. How many of these come from poor neighborhoods? How many could have been helped by a better education and social system?  The Federal Pie Chart.  Is the government spending any money to help these people? I guess they will get to it , just as soon as they beat back the infidels and the terrorists.

The US spends 6 times more on Jails than they do on education, 6 times more on jails than they do on welfare. So why are all these pot smokers in jail? Tobacco is a drug that kills almost 435,000 people a year, compared to only 120,000 for illegal drugs and Alcohol combined?  Drug War Facts. I don’t see any tobacco dealers in jail, why not, too much legal money?

I could be wrong, but the US government seems to like war. I cant remember there ever being a time in my life, when the US wasn’t at war with itself or someone else.    Will I ever see some sanity come to being? The War on Drugs is a war waged by Governments on their own people. The US spends 500,000 billion on war each year. That is 58% of their budget. It spends some 50 billion putting people behind bars. Cost of Prisons

Is it working?

Of course not. Drug misuse, is basically  human Gluttony. You just cant get enough gravy on your plate. Often the user has no control over the desire to use. You can no more control drug use with incarceration than you can control obesity by putting people in jail.  Most of us can not even pick our favorite color, let alone the things we will be addicted to. Try and choose your favorite food. Try and choose your favorite drink. Try and choose your favorite person.

This war on Drugs makes no sense at all. Perhaps its just a group of people trying to force some Puritan set of moral values on its citizens, sort of a Jihad A holy war to clean the country of all its evil.

Jail should be for people who cause harm to others.

Supply and Demand: On the open market, a ton of drugs is worthless, if it has no buyers. Drugs are around because people want them.  Cutting the supply only serves to raise the price, thereby making Huge dollars for the savvy business man. Do the real players in the Drug War ever go to jail? No. Its the uneducated, the poor. The people that need the most help.

The elite drug dealers know that putting the less elite drug dealers into jail, is good for business. It thins the herd, Keeps prices high, and keep the big profits flowing. No competition is the best way to keep prices high. So lets put the smart dealer into jail?. Ain’t gonna happen soon. Only the dumbest people go to jail. And if the government wasn’t so busy making war, maybe they could help some of these idiots, gain some wisdom.

To end the war, Either People have to stop wanting drugs, or the government has to stop waging the war. How will that happen? Public flogging, more jails, more punishment?  I’ve seen miracles happen with programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous. These programs were started by people who had serious problems with their consumption and admitted it.  Through self searching and helping others many were able to quit using drugs.

By recognizing their dependency, and  helping each other  in a spirit of true Altruism they were able to improve their lives and the lives of the people around them, (something the jails have failed miserably to do). Many who were just in the first stage of addiction began to recognize the symptoms and were able to avoid a slide into dependency. .  To sit with a group of people who Humbly and Honestly share their Stories, is a powerful experience. Here are people who “Know” what they are talking about. They have first hand experience. The only help you will get from your government is punishment, so obviously the government would be the last place to go to seek help.

Innocent Bystanders:  Most people do not have serious problems with drug or alcohol use. But what about these people who enjoy their drugs, or six pack Marty. These are people who do not cause any harm to themselves or others?   Bottom line is this, “keep your window clean” If you don’t get caught, you are statistically not a criminal.  To avoid becoming another statistic. there are things you can do. You have rights have rights. Just say no, To police harassment. If everyone in North America turned themselves in for having done the illegal crime of using drugs. I doubt if there would be many  left to pay taxes. Its a scary thought, but real.

The police have a job to do. If the job was  to round up all of the first born males in the country, they would have to do it. If the job was to hunt down all the pot smokers, then that is what they will do.

The police are just making a living, doing a job. They have bills to pay and mortgages. Many are not about Justice or morals. They want to survive financially , and if it means putting a pot smoker in jail, well that be the case.

If these people had any ethics at all, I doubt if the USA with only 4 % of the worlds population would have 25% of the worlds Prison population.

…. In the meantime, just watch your back….


5:38 (Asad) NOW AS FOR the man who steals and the woman who steals, cut off the hand of either of them in requital for what they have wrought, as a deterrent ordained by God: [48] for God is almighty, wise.

I find it odd that my first visit  to the quran found the above quote. I find this quote very disturbing. How can you justify an amputation like this. An amputation of this sort is very permanent. Why would you want to make a person into an invalid, as punishment for some minor crime as stealing?  I do not support the cutting off of hands, or foreskins, or any other body part.

I believe that the person who does the cutting is the guilty one. He is destroying another life for the satisfaction of some ideology.

I found an explanation to the punishment of theft by amputation on this website.

Typically for a crime to be committed, you need a victim. But in the case of money, often there is very little damage. Steal a dollar from on who has millions, you have taken very little, but steal a dollar from one who has only one dollar, you have taken everything.

To help the victim who has lost all, you need to do more than just give back his dollar, You need to teach him how to get the dollars he needs. He is poor for a reason, that reason is that he is very likely uneducated. So your punishment should be to help your victim. How can a cut off hand help?

This proverb come to mind.

“”” Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”””

Money should never be more important than the personal well being of a human being. Is this not the root of All war? When material possessions are more important than human life. You can Cut off hands, or even kill and torture if It meets the ends

Serious Humor. What is that?

I think it is more than just pulling the chair out from underneath grandma when she is trying to sit down..

A joke that can lead to pain is not all that funny. But some jokes can inspire. As I get older, some stuff is just not funny anymore.

I, for some reason, still  get a laugh when stand up comedians do their ‘experiences  in the bathroom’ routine.  I think  is  because that is something that is not talked about often, and therefore still has the effect of surprise.

I still find this funny… Fat Bastard checking out his  crap in the ‘Austin Powers The Spy that Shagged Me’ movie, and his remark  that he did not remember having eaten any corn  that day.

I also now know that some people just like to laugh. It feels good. They will laugh at just about anything.

At one time I thought humor could save the world. I believed if everyone was laughing and happy, then things would be OK. But some things are hard to laugh away. Child abuse and neglect and other traumatic experiences need more than just a good laugh.

Where is the humor when you have  been beaten or raped, or where is the racial humor when you are  suppressed minority?


Sex. Too little too late?. Too much too often? Not the right kind? Should it be AC or DC? I cant say much here so Ill just recite a short joke I heard. This sort of is where I am at regarding sex.

Two seniors are sitting on the sofa downstairs. The old lady says to the old man. “Hey big boy. You want to go upstairs and fool around?”

The old mans eyes lit up. “sure” he said. “But its got to be either the one or the other. Either we go upstairs or we fool around…. I don t think that I can do both”

Little boy goes up to a little girl and says.

“Ill bet I got something you don’t have”, And he produces a shiny new Nickel.

The little girl thinks for a bit, then pulls out a dime.

“So what”, she said. “With one of these, I can get Two of those”.

Little boy thinks for a bit, reaches into his pocket and brings out a Quarter.

“I’ll bet you haven’t got one of these.” he said with confidence.

Little girl produces  a Loony.  (1$Canadian coin )

“So what”, she said. “With one of these, I can get four of those”

little boy thinks again, then pulls down his pants, and confidently points to his privates.

“I’ll bet you haven’t got one of these”

Little girl thinks for a bit, then lifts up her dress points to her privates, and says.

“So what, with one of these, I can get as many of those as I want”

The Fairy God Banker

Once upon a time, long , long ago. In a far off land, in a mythical valley that was ruled by supernatural beings known as “Fairy God Bankers” (the fed) , there lived creatures known as ‘Bankers’.

Now the Bankers were farmers, by nature. The bankers loved to farm and farming was their passion. These farmers managed large farms (banks) and milked ‘Cash Cows’. (people who borrow money)

The cash cows were were happy to give their milk (interest payments) to the farmer in exchange for a comfortable stall  to sleep  in, (house with furniture), and enough food to eat.

But one day a disease spread though the valley (greed). The farmers wanted the cows to produce more milk (money). The cows who did not produce more milk were sent to Hamburger Heaven (bankruptcy). Many of the cows became unhappy about this, so many of them left the farm (unloaded their debt) and swore they would never return to the valley .

The farmer lost his income, which came from milking Cash Cows, and when the farmer went broke, he could no longer pay his bills.

The farmer by the law of the land, had to give a portion of his milk, 39% (as a tax) to the fairy God Banker, who ruled the land, But now the Fairy God Banker was also unhappy because he was not getting any milk either (credit crisis).

So the Fairy God Banker thought he would step in and help. He took an empty milk bucket, waved his magic wand over the bucket, and created a truck load of brand new cold fresh milk ( money ) and gave it to the banker (farmer). The farmer now could sell the milk and pay the the “Fairy God Banker” his share in taxes.

Some of the farmers were so happy that they took a $400,000 vacation. But the truck load of milk would soon be all used up, So the farmer had to start working again. The farmer did not know how to get get the cows back into the barn, so that he could start milking them again..

The trouble was that the cows were afraid to come back into the barn. The farmer they thought was cruel and thoughtless because he sent a lot of fellow cows to “hamburger heaven.”

So the farmer was forced to make the stalls even more comfortable than before (renegotiate loans at fair market value). And he had to make  the living conditions better (lower interest rates).  And he had to provide better food, so that the cows would enjoy being milked again (advertise, sell a better story to the public)

In the end the cows all came back into the barn and everyone lived happy ever after, except of course the poor cows that went to hamburger heaven. But in this fairy tale, those cows will all be reincarnated to come back in the next life as either bankers or cows or what ever you want.

That is all we have tonight children.

Traffic Lights

by paul8bee

A good many automobile accidents happen at intersections. This is because drivers are not all following the same set of rules. Traffic lights can be confusing. Here I will briefly review the proper way to proceed through an intersection.

If everyone is using the same rules, then I think that accidents at intersections could be completely avoided.

The proper rules are as follows.

  • Yellow……means  Hit the gas, speed up
  • Red………means  Three more cars can get through
  • Green……means  Caution, people are speeding up and running the red light.

I hope this review was helpful. Please help me to end this carnage that we have on our roads, by helping educate others. I wish you all a safe journey next time you are on the road.


If nothing does not exist, then why does it have a name?

If things that do not exist have names, then someone must have an idea of what does not exist.

When I say that Nothing is the Matter with me, what do I mean. I mean probably that ‘something’ is the matter , but I just dont have a word for it.

Describe the taste of chicken ( in one page of text ) if you can. I bet you cant. When asked to perform this task, what words come to mind? Nothing? Does this mean that chicken has no taste because you cant describe it?

Are Simple sentences  enough to describe things?

Is the professor, who wears a tweed suite, with arm patches, and who smokes a pipe, and uses phrases like, ” it is not without great trepidation that I ponder this subject” ,just an idiot who wants to sound smart?  If I don’t understand what he has said , has he said nothing??

It takes me hours to put together one page of text. and in the end its still not finished. Perhaps I just have nothing to say.

So if you came to this page looking for nothing, I hope you leave with what you came for.


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