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My Nosebleed Cure

My nosebleed cure is a dietary change. Spinach, kale, broccoli, among other foods,  contain high concentrations of vitamin K. Vitamin K and Calcium are needed for blot clotting.

I have a weak spot in my nose, that is prone to rupture.

I control this condition by making sure I have sufficient blood clotting agents in my diet.

In the same way that I can not build muscle without Protein, I can not clot my blood without these nutients

A short Video on how blood Clots.

A view of the Blood vessels in the nose

My Story:

I had nosebleeds for over 30 years and usually about once or twice a year, I would have to go to the doctor and get my nose cauterized. The doctors told me that I have a weak spot in my nose, and when it becomes dry, it will crack, and I will spring a leak.

Cauterization is the process of burning the leak shut. This however causes scarring, and that will make the nose tissues brittle and eventual they will crack again, requiring another treatment with cauterization. No end in sight. They offered me a cream to keep the tissues moist.

I would bleed for up to one half hour sometimes.  It would not be unusual to fill a cup or two with blood it stopped. Nothing worked.

I would spring a leak in the most inconvenient places, such as the swirl pool at the local swim hall. My blood pressure would rise just a bit, then I would notice a pool of red in the water. Very inconvenient, to say the least.

At work I would just plug the leak with tissue, since I work outside, I did not have to worry about the mess. But in public it was very annoying. Sometimes I was afraid to go out because my nose might burst at any time.

One day in the hospital  emergency room , after I had sat and waited  over 1  hour to see a doctor and none were available, and my nose had stopped bleeding,  I decided to go home, and come back next time I had a bleed. About this same time. I was trying a new diet change and was experimenting with spinach. I was told that it was good for Macular Degeneration, which I was just recently diagnosed with.

I went home and started my spinach trial, hoping my eyesight would improve. A Funny thing happened, my eyesight did get better, with the addition of other foods rich in Beta Carotene (carrots, squash), but to my surprise, I never got another nosebleed. It has been years now. I have gotten a few drops now and again, but as soon as I load up on spinach the problem is solved. Spinach acts as a sort of Stop-Leak.

By researching Macular degeneration on the Internet I accidentally found out about vitamin K and blood clotting. It works for me, and If you have serious nosebleeds like I did, what can you loose by giving it a try. I typically eat about 2 bunches a week. I especially like it in my stir fry. I always cook spinach because I just cant get enough volume from raw leaves, but the raw leaves do make great salads. And best of all I love the taste.

Other Notes:

The school of hard knocks.

I once peppered a roast  with a ton of garlic. Man, what a gusher that was later that day. Garlic is a Blood Thinner.

I some-times use aspirin  to get some sleep, but only 1/2  of a 325mg tablet. One day I took some alka-selzer. and man what a gusher, the pics above were from that.  guess what  alka-??? is  full of aspirin.

I also understand that alcohol is a blood thinner. If I am drinking a lot, then I most likly am not eating well either.

I hope this helps you out somewhat


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