The smarter I get, the Less I know

True Patriot

Another True Patriot

You get to work and find the doors locked. The boss tells you that he can not pay you because he can’t get a short term loan due to the credit crisis. He says its because of Market De Regulation, and tells you to call up your local politician and take the matter up with him.

The local politician tells you that Market Regulation in a Free Market economy is Socialist and Un-Patriotic. He hands you a Flag and sends you on your way.

You get home and find that your house is on fire. You call the local Fire Department to come a put out the fire. The Fire chief asks you if you have Insurance. You say no, because you lost your job and could not afford to pay the premium. The fire chief tells you “sorry, but paying customers only”. “No Free Rides”. He reminds you that this is a free market country and not a socialist country. A government funded Fire Department would be socialist and Un-Patriotic. So as a proud Patriot you salute your flag and go off to sleep in your car.

You get to your car but car thieves have it up on blocks and are stripping it for parts. You call the local Police Department and ask them to come quick. You tell them you have no Police Insurance. They say that is alright, they will just charge your credit card. You tell them you have no credit because of the credit crisis. They say “Sorry, this is not a socialist welfare state, every one here has to pull his weight. What kind of Patriot are you anyways?”. So you salute your flag and go and sleep in a field.

It rains that night and you get pneumonia. Now you go to the hospital and ask for some care. You tell the doctors that you have no insurance, no credit and no money. You ask if they could just treat you for free just this once. You tell them that it is the Humanitarian thing to do, you try to make them understand that you have just fallen on hard times. They look at you as just another Socialist Communist who wants a free ride at the expense of their hard work. They remind you that in this country hard work gets rewarded, and those who don’t work should not get anything.

So out on the street again, you still have your flag. You lay down and cover yourself with your flag. And just as you die, you pull the flag up over your head. The proud death of another True Patriot.


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