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April 24, 2009

How to Keep Jehovah’s Witnesses from Knocking

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Copy the following and tape it to your front door.

Please Respect our Right to Privacy

No Jehovah’s Witnesses

No Mormons

No Sales People

Thank you

It has been years now since I have been  bothered. I guess the sign worked. It’s 2016 now and the last sign wore out a year or two ago, and I haven’t had to put up a new one.

My History

*. After 13 years of being systemically harassed by the Jw’s and the Mormons, I have had enough. They keep coming and coming.

*. I tell them no, but to them no means yes. What part of “NO” do they not understand?

*. If I talk to them, they will not listen. They seem convinced that the world is coming to and end (Armageddon), and the only way to be saved is to join their group and become a JW.

*. If I slam the door shut, they will put me on their ‘call back”  list. In weeks they are back.

*. If I slam the door shut again, I will once more be put back on the ‘call back list’ and they will be back, sometimes in day, but never longer than three months.

*.No end in sight. Just endless consistent harassment, with one single goal, and that is to recruit me as a member of the watchtower society.

*. If I do not answer the door, I get put on the ‘Not Home, call back list’ and they are back in a week.

*. If I am sitting at the window in plain view, (my chair is is plain view of my front door, and I do have a very large picture window, about 6 foot from my front door), and  it is obvious to me that they can see me, I can hear them talking out loud, ‘Oh , I guess he is not home’, Which also means that I get put back onto the ‘Call Back list’.

*. The last straw was when they came around to my back door. This is right by my bedroom window which was open and the blinds were up, and I was buck naked sleeping in what I thought  ‘ was the  Privacy of my own home’.  Wrong! Knock, Knock, Knock. I had to get dressed and open the door, even thou they saw that I was in the room. They could not have missed seeing  me, and why would they bother a naked man, who is lying on his bed, getting some sleep because he works night shift??? It boggles my mind.

*. So I  chase them off and I think that is it, they finally got the message. One week later they are back at my front door. By now I am thinking  of getting a can of spray paint and marking these neighborhood ‘PESTS” with a big red X across the chest. IT is either that or just punch their lights out. That is when I thought of a quieter method. THE SIGN.

Systematic Harassment

Systematic Harassment is how the Watchtower Society try and get new recruits to join their fold.  They believe that the world is going to end soon, and (in their minds) the most important thing for them is to help as many people as they can to get into heaven. They are not Bad people, just a little messed up inside.

Never have I seen a happy JW at my front door.

Right to Privacy

I have a right to my privacy. I do not need to make any excuses why I do not want to talk to J W’s. I have  politely said no, over 100 times.

What part of no do you not get?

Now with my sign, they still come to my door, but they do not knock, they leave. Great, now I can get some sleep? I think I might have to move the sign from the door to the road, in this way they will not even step foot on my property.

In any case, If they ever bother me again I WILL charge them to the full extent of the law. I will photograph their faces, and the car they came from and the law will hunt them down, and do the rest.

It is no longer a case of a few individuals playing a game of knock knock. I was even thinking of starting a class action law suit, (or something along that line),  which would eventually forbid religious door knocking.

Telemarketers  were also at one time a problem, but now that I am on the national do not call list, I rarely get a bothersome phone call. It may end up the same way with the J W’s

Note: the Mormons come around once and a while, but not near as fanatically as the J W’s

The Last Visit

Just recently I was washing my car in the driveway. Two J’s approached me. They did not see my sign because they headed straight for me, ( so I did not call the police. Remember I mentioned putting the sign on the road?) ( But imagine also a road littered with No Trespassing, No J W’s, No this and No that?) . I opened the dialog and the conversation went like this.

Me: ‘Come on guys. The answer is no’

J W’s: ‘So you are not interested?’

Me: ‘How many times have you been to this house?’

J W’s: ‘This is my first time’

Me: ‘How many times has your organization been to this house?

J’s: ‘I haven’t got a clue’

Me: ‘Well that is your problem then. You haven’t got a clue. Go back and find out just how many times that this address has been visited by your organization Then come back. You guys are actually systematical harassing the neighborhood. You haven’t got a clue? So then, If you haven’t got a clue about a simple thing like that, how can we even begin to have an intelligent conversation Go to my front door and read the sign.’

Then they left and read the sign

This guy was just thinking from his own Selfish Point Of View. He saw the visit as an innocent step in his preserving his status as a member of the J’s He really had no idea that he was “NOT the FIRST’ but, in my 13 years or residence here, was in fact closer to the #100 th. To him it was a virgin visit, to me I was like the Whore who had seen many virgins.

Consider the Damage that the Watchtower Society has caused me; enough to write this post. Just one JW at at time.

Toe the line or be Shunned

But the JW leaders use a method of hate to promote love. When a JW does not engage in door knocking, he/she will be shunned by the society. That in turn will be in effect Rejection. Or Hate.

Here is a good site, written by an ex-JW, that explains the process of shunning.

I found this site to be a great source of Ex=Jw’s comments.

A person who is seeking love or acceptance and has only found this one outlet for acceptance, (IE the watchtower society), will be subject to a power struggle. Either you toe the line, and fulfill the membership requirements, or you are out on the street on your own. If you do as the leaders tell you, you are promised love and acceptance, if you do not, then you will be rejected or (hated).

But love will be reserved for you, when you finally toe the line. In effect there is only one way to love and that is to do as you are told. This idea-logical slavery. Insanity has never been easier to see than by watching the Jw’s in action. So who is going to educate these poor lost souls?

This blog of mine, (hopefully can shed some light to the human madness) but I doubt if it will ever make much of a difference.

The Answer is Still NO

If the Jw’s come to my door 1000 times more, the answer will be no. I will never Join the Jehovah’s Witness Group. I will Never become a Member, Ever.

But why do they come? It is because if they do not, they will be rejected by their own society, and they need this society because they are dependent upon other human beings, and a group, to feel acceptance and love.

To be rejected at the door to door level is not that important. To be rejected at the group level is more severe. The Herd instinct, is , that people need people. . Power and security lies in numbers. To be cast out of the herd would mean certain death. And many suicides have had their origin with the J W’s.

J W’s reject the very people who depend upon them.

A Poll

I believe that a Private Residence is a sanctuary. There are no business hours that can be placed upon a persons privacy. Some of us have to work, while others need to sleep. The 9-5 business model does not work anymore.

The Jw’s, in particular do not respect our privacy. They feel that they can bother us as much as they want, during regular business hours. The problem is that there are no such hours.

This Post has received more responses  in a shorter time, than all my other posts combined. So I have decided to make a poll.

Poll Question:

Do you support a Law or other measures, that would restrict Organizations such as the…Watchtower Corporation …From systematically harassing private Homes? 


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