The smarter I get, the Less I know


Original post Oct 2010..Today update Jan 15 2013.

WHO AM I: I am a  Student At the University  of hard knocks.HPIM1210 I believe that a wise man can learn from the mistakes of others. I also believe that I should share what I have learned in life to others, Free of Financial charge. Also believe that a good story can teach a lot of stuff in a short period of time. “Talks a lot, doesn’t say much”

12 years going to 12 step meetings has really helped me to understand that Health and wealth are the same thing. Also know now that I am motivated by my pleasures. How much is enough> “MORE”.. Also am set back by my fears. “Can’t get enough of what pleases me”.


Born on vancouver island in 1958. I live to fix stuff, organize, and learn how things work. I love to work, this blogg is  work for me, In that it helps me organize my thoughts.I rarely have to see a medical doctor, usually when I need a few stitches, after an accident.   I do not like the idea of getting all cut up for Cosmetic Reasons. Once nerve endings have been severed, they are destroyed, forever. You can never change a Pickle back into a Cucumber.



I had my first drink of “Moscht”, A alcohol beverage made from apples.

My Grandpa introduced me to this procedure back in the early 1960′s.

Today  I  continue with the tradition of sucking back the happy juice.

I love Home Made booze, and Good Food. Who does not???

I guess I learned that I always loved to work physically, and, that is was just a matter of finding the right job. I believe that the right job for the right person is the key to being happy. If you have the right job, you will never have to work another day in your life.

I toured around Europe and North American on my Bicycle. I have ridden at least 40,000 km on tours. A full time job really puts a wrench in this type of activity.


My Job:

I work on a  farm today   I guess I am a  Farm-boy.

I guess everyone needs to feel like they are doing something useful, but, I feel that farmers are the backbone of society. You stop making cars for a year or two, who cares, you put all the cops on holiday for a year, not much will happen, Give the politicians a long holiday, same old same old, but: you stop farming?? In a few days you will notice the difference. The shelves at the grocery store would empty pretty quick.  Hunger will drive people mad and crazy. Total Armageddon.  but you know that farming is a lot of hard work, and who wants to work hard. I guess I do.  Who the heck would peddle 40,000 km on a bicycle if they could just take a bus or fly in a jet? I guess I would.

I Hate CARS:

A car is just a Wheeled Chair. A chair on wheels. No effort at all is required to operate this thing. It leads to becoming unfit. Lazy and just plain old disgusted with myself. I, however am forced to sit in my “Wheel Chair” for 40 minutes each day, just to get to work. There is no way around it.  I am forced to commute. I want to go back to the garden of Eden. The good old days.

I am still a slave to money. Sad, I do what I love, but am forced to to what I hate to be able to do what I love.

Anyone who has a better idea should voice it. Don’t matter how stupid it sound

I also have a problem with growth. I have fat jeans. Who knows what that is? It has been a while since I have used my skinny jeans. Also economic growth and the growth of the population and the growth of  the material things all have a end. When we all have everything that there is, then, where is there left to grow?  I guess intellectually, philosophically, morally? I really don’t want a Fast Car or a Big house. I think I would be happy in a cabin in the bush, for a while anyways.

There is only so much land, and So many people, and only so much they can eat. Even If we grew more??
My Music:


I like Stringed instruments. I found that the banjo is a Drum with Strings.

I find it easy to play, but hard to play anything that resembles a song. It more an instrument to voice my animal instincts. I wish I had a bunker, or some soundproof room where I could just rock my ears off and no one would hear.  Listening to a beginner play the loudest acoustic instrument ever invented, can be trying on the neighbors ears.


I was forced into music by my mother, who liked the accordion. I never did, back then, But , I wish I had that instrument right today.. But the Rock and Roll sounded good on the radio at the time.  Smoke on the water was an easy song to play with one string.

I got into lyrics and writing text and words.  I became interested in words, more than just rhythm and clever hooks. I found that words were my new addiction. I read every day, most of it on the internet, and I am learning to write.

The pages on this blog, are basically the “Best That I can Do at the time”

Today is Feb 25 2011

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